Chia Seed Pudding


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We hear loads and loads about chia seeds. They’re always in the “healthy & organic” section of the supermarket. Is their place on the shelf righteously earned?

Chestnuts.. Have you started roasting yet?

  It’s almost winter and chestnuts are in season! I love chestnuts,  but  I also love my waist and don’t intend on gaining weight – despite the fact...


Dark Chocolate – A Guilty Pleasure?

A sustainable diet should be a realistic one. I truly believe it is necessary to enjoy everything in moderation – desserts included! But perhaps we can be a...


Spice up your health

Spices are sometimes forgotten, we don’t realize the importance of having them in our food unless it impacts taste. But, spices have more to offer than taste, so...


First Foods

Your baby’s first foods might seem like a nightmare to you. But rest assured you’ll be fine and so will your baby. There’s no certain rule as to...



Almonds have been around for a very long time, yet they have always been as popular as they are now. Some people like to have them whole, while...

Organic Spring Mix Lettuce10053112

Not all greens are created equal

Have you ever looked at the greens in your salad and wondered if one choice or the other would have an effect on your health? Well, bottom line...


Smart Foods

It’s back to school time, many of us have hectic work schedules and don’t know what to feed our kids. Unfortunately, our schools don’t offer good options making...


Crazy about Avocados

I love avocados! I can’t seem to have enough of them. So creamy and yummy! Packed with fiber, vitamins K and C, and folate, avocados are one of...


Hemp, Chia or Flax Anyone?

We all can agree that food is a trend. Everyday new discoveries come out with new research and health claims. Latest food trend today? The seeds! The next big...

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